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Dr. Paul Parslow-Williams - Executive Headteacher

We are two Church of England schools offering education to all children.


At Charsfield and Dennington Schools our ethos and teaching is founded on Christian values and the belief that individuals are created by God and precious in His sight.


Our mission statement is simply:

‘We want the best for each member of our schools – learning within a Christian environment, gladly working in partnership with each other, with home, church and the community – led by the hand of God.’


This term's Values for Life:  Forgiveness and Justice


I feel incredibly privileged to be the Executive Headteacher of Charsfield and Dennington Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools Partnership; to be responsible for both schools’ welfare, education and happiness is something I never take for granted. Every decision that is made is for the benefit of all our children and this enthusiasm and vision is reflected in everything we do.

Charsfield and Dennington Schools are both Victorian schools that were created at a time when education was championed by the church, each as part of its local community. In the last few years, the partnership between the two has become stronger as the children, families and staff,have experienced the benefits involved for the children. This has resulted in the move to become two federated schools in September 2014. 


We aim to create an environment based on Christian principles, where every child can flourish and achieve, supported by the best efforts of all those involved in the school. Our aim is to enable all children to achieve their fullest potential in a supportive environment. Our children often say that “school feels like a family” – a reflection of the values of cooperation, support, acceptance and friendship that we seek to promote.


At Charsfield and Dennington we really value high quality teaching for children and are, therefore, keen to embrace new initiatives to encourage our children to succeed in everything they do. We are proud of our curriculum that promotes inclusion and encourages creativity, recognising that children are individuals and respond differently to different tasks. Our staff, governors, and parents work in unison to ensure that our children receive the best possible education, enabling them to develop academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and morally.


Please do come and visit our wonderful schools; I would be delighted to meet you and your children. The children at Charsfield and Dennington are exceptional and we feel lucky to be a part of their education and future. I hope you will allow us to be a part of your child’s future too.

academy conversion

We are pleased to say that on the 1st September we converted to an academy and we are now Charsfield Church of England Primary School which is part of the All Saints Schools Trust.  Please click HERE to find out more details on their website.

Why choose Charsfield or Dennington School?

There are many reasons to choose Charsfield or Dennington Schools for your child's education.


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You can find out what parents think of our school and give your own opinion by clicking on the Parent View logo (right) or here  



We are two small, successful schools where each individual is valued and given opportunities to grow and develop. 


You can access the DfE School Performance Tables website to find information about the performance of Charsfield School here, or for Dennington School here, and the published data for Key Stage 2 Tests and Results.


Results over the last few years are displayed on the individual school pages under the Parent Info link.

The Charsfield and Dennington CEP School FEDERATION



Charsfield and Dennington CEP Schools were officially federated in September 2014.


Click here to see how we celebrated this landmark moment for our schools.

The partnership first came into being when the Dennington Head Teacher left and Charsfield's the Head was asked to step in as she had experience of leading a similar sized primary school.  When Dennington was unable to replace the Head on a permanent basis, a formal partnership between both schools was established.

Both staff and pupils have since benefitted from the partnership.  Staff can collaborate, share ideas and expertise as well as work together.  Friendships have been built between staff and pupils in both schools.  Year 6 pupils moving on to high school will immediately have a bigger pool of friends (Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham is the catchment school for both Charsfield and Dennington).

Each school has a Deputy Headteacher who work directly with the Executive Head Teacher and the School Business manager to form the Senior Leadership Team.

Our School Aims, ethos and values

  • Maintain a caring family ethos
  • Nurture children’s moral and spiritual development
  • Afford equal opportunities for all
  • Develop awareness of self and sensitivity to others
  • Offer broad and rich learning experiences, differentiated to meet the needs of each child
  • Promote positive relationships between home, school and the wider community
  • Foster self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline and co-operation
  • Care for each child’s health and happiness
  • Provide a stimulating learning environment
  • Help children to become independent learners
  • Encourage children to recognise and value achievements

Our Vision for the Future

The purpose of this short overview is to outline the school’s vision and direction. The reason this is being shared with parents is that we feel it will help you better understand why we do the things we do and why, and on occasions, we may ask for your help.


We believe that Charsfield and Dennington’s vision runs through everything that we do as schools. This can only become a reality if the children in our care understand and enjoy learning. We see this vision as a long-term goal that will take our children into secondary school and adult life, and because of this we view learning in its widest context. It is for this reason we try to provide as many different learning activities and experiences as possible. Understanding this will explain why, as a school, we try to arrange for visits and visitors.


Underpinning all of this we teach children to understand themselves as learners and to talk about their learning.


As a church school, our vision is for the Federation to serve the community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of religious belief and practice. We will encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promote Christian values through the experience we offer to all our pupils.




As relatively small schools, Charsfield and Dennington have taken a big stand; we play to our strengths and celebrate the fact that EVERY child is important to us.  We strongly believe that every individual at our school can achieve and grow in their learning and appreciation of the world. Our Partnership has given us a very strong base from which to form a distinctive curriculum. We consider “the curriculum” to encompass everything that impacts on our pupils’ learning; therefore every member of staff is involved in the education of the children across both schools. This utilises the strengths of all staff members and gives our children a wide range of experiences and choices.

As Church of England schools, we promote Christian values for life ( and are inclusive for all. Key to our educational philosophy is the triangulation between School, home and Pupil. We encourage parental involvement throughout every child’s time with us and recognise that supportive relationships between school and home make a huge difference to a child’s learning experience.

At Charsfield and Dennington we believe that passion and enthusiasm for learning in its widest sense can be wonderfully contagious. The aim of all teaching staff is to work collaboratively to make the subjects and themes that we teach exciting, purposeful, challenging and thought provoking. All the teaching is rooted in the National Curriculum and is carefully planned to support and challenge the children in each year group. The carefully planned rolling curriculum (although not set in stone; it can and has adapted to the needs of specific year groups) has been designed with our pupils in mind. Each theme contains scope to cover many aspects from different areas and interests. It reflects our rural locality, with its rich history and geographical features, and also allows for exploration of the whole the United Kingdom and the wider world of which our villages are a part. We want to prepare our children for living their lives in a modern Britain, with a deep understanding of their heritage and culture and wanting to respect, engage with and explore that of others. We also promote high aspirations for future education and the world of work, including a focussed PSHEE programme and themes planned to inspire children as they think about their futures.

what our parents say about us

Don't take our word for why we think were a great partnership for your children to come to - See what our parents have to say our schools best attributes are:


  • Creating a lovely atmosphere in which the children want to learn, they love coming to school!

  • Provides a nurturing environment in which children can flourish

  • It’s a friendly, happy place and my child enjoys coming to school, I would strongly recommend to others

  • We love the sports day joined with Dennington and the social networking with other schools

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