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Class One

This term our topic is 'Celebrations'. Use this page to stay up to date with what Class One have and will be up to. You can also click on the links below to download useful documents for this Class.

KS1 Autumn Timetable 2018
Class 1 Timetable Autumn 2018.docx
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EYFS Spring Timetable 2018
EYFS Timetable Spring Term 2018.docx
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KS1 long term plan (1) (2).docx
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EYFS Curriculum Letter
EYFS Spring Curriculum Letter 2018 - Din[...]
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KS1 Curriculum Letter
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Early years



Rememberance Sunday


After learning about 'Remembrance Sunday' and seeing a powerpoint about why we remember it, we joined in with the whole school standing quietly for a minute. We then made our own poppies.


PSHE - Bonfire Night 


We learnt about being safe around fire and fireworks.  Mrs Smith lit her firepits so we could understand the need to be safe, and so we could toast marshmallows using our new knowledge to keep safe...Yum!!

Miss Sayer also lit a sparkler so we could see what it would be like and how to keep safe.

RE - We made special boxes to keep things in that are special to us.  We are learning that Christians believe God is important to them.

Art - Mark making to music. We listened to different music and used different media, pens, pencils, crayon, chalk etc to mark how it made us feel.




Having fun practising our names.




Parents Assembly - The children sang the parents an Autumn song that they had learnt.  They also shared some work linked with their Castles topic.

Framlingham Castle Trip - We had a fabulous time looking around the castle, trying on items of clothing.  Walking around the top was high and windy, we could see for a long way.  We also enjoyed going down the slide.  Outside the castle we pretended to be the enemy and pretended to attack Mrs Smith and Mrs Foster, who were protecting the castle, we won.



Tour of Britain 2017

We all enjoyed watching the bikes race through the village.




We all received 'Star of the Week' for settling into reception really well and being wonderful new members of the school.




Phonics - Ready to go on our listening walk with our 'big' listening ears.


In RE this term the children are learning about Prayer and Worship.  Here they are enjoying a small picnic, during which they were introduced to the idea of thanking people for our food, and for Christians they would thank God by saying 'Grace'.  Whilst eating the children also enjoyed the story 'Feeding of the 5,000'.  Once finished they then had to think about what others things we could say thankyou for.  There were written on 'paper' loaves of bread.  One child wrote 'Thank you for our school because it keeps us safe.'


A phonics session will be delivered every morning following Letters and Sounds scheme of work. This is a fast pace programme, which involves teaching your child the skills to segment (seperate) and blend (put together) the phonemes (sounds) within the spoken and written language. The Letters and Sounds Scheme of work starts at Phase 1 and goes to Phase 6. Various activities and media are used to teach the children each phase.  All children can access at home using a username and password provided by the class teacher.


Alongside phonics your child will have a reading book to apply their knowledge. Our books are linked to the Letters and Sounds Scheme of work. We would like you to hear your child read a minimum of 3 times a week and log in their reading record book. We at school will also hear your child read and update their books when it is needed.


Your child will also get the opportunity to choose a library book every Monday. This is to share together at home. This could be a ficition or non-fiction book and we encourage lots of questionning throughout the book to deepen your child's understanding of the world and what they are reading.

Homework and Free writing

Every week your child will be sent home with homework and free writing.


The homework will either be on or sent home in their homework folder.  This will given out every Friday to be returned the following Wednesday.


Free writing is designed to encourage writing outside of school.  Your child can write or draw about anything that interests them, for example; a recipe they have cooked, a shopping list, writing about an event/picture, a story, a book review or a poem.  This is to be handed in on a Wednesday and given out on a Friday.


All achievements will be shared and celebrated, merits will be awarded for completing any work outside of school.

Spellings and High Frequency words 

Every Friday KS1 children will be given a set of spellings to learn. This need to be learnt using the look, cover, write, check method as well as practicing them aloud. Not only can your child practice in their spellings books using this method they can also be learnt using other practical means, for example; fridge magnets, bath foam letters, writing in the sand and many more...

Spellings need to be learnt and handed in by Thursday. Children will be tested on their spellings every Friday.


High Frequency Words (HFW) are given to all children in order to learn words that are frequently used in our reading and writing along with tricky words. These are to be kept in school bags at all times when they are not in use so they can be used within school and outside of school. These need to be practiced regularly by being able to read and write them correctly. We will regularly check these and add new words as your child progresses. 


Miss Emma Sayer

Miss Sayer is the Class Teacher in Class One.


Miss Sayer grew up locally with a farming background. She loves outside learning, art, drama and role play, and helps teach children to horse ride in a local club. She believes that all learning should be fun so children are enthused and love learning in and out of school.

Miss Sayer currently leads the subject of Science across both schools in the partnership.

Mrs Smith- HLTA

Mrs Smith is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and works primarily in Class One with the Reception children. She also plans and teaches Religious Education lessons throughout the school which get children thinking very deeply. Mrs Smith has developed a fantastic ability to work alongside, and teach, children of all ages within the Primary School. Her bubbly personality makes her very popular with children, staff and parents equally. 

 Mrs Crane works in Class One as a Teaching Assistant. She is one of the most helpful people you could meet and loves to get involved in every aspect of School life. She has a particular interest in Crafts and uses her talents to teach children new skills and to be highly creative. Mrs Crane is also responsible for delivering additional intervention and support for children across Key Stage Two. This has worked fantastically for the children and allows any little gaps in learning to be quickly plugged by recapping what was previously taught.



Mrs Crane - TA

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