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Class Three

Use this page to stay up to date with what Class Three have and will be up to. You can also click on the links below to download useful documents for this Class.

Class Three Curriculum Guide Summer 2017
Find out about all of the exciting things Class Three will be getting up to this term!
Class 3 summer guide
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Class Three Timetable - Summer Term 2017
class 3 timetable summer 17.pdf
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Class 3 Independent Study Timetable Summer Term 2017
Independent Study Summer 17.pdf
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KS 2 Long Term Plan Jan 2017.pdf
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DT - Tie Dye

Class Three produced beautiful pieces of tie-dyed fabric in their DT lessons. Once dry, they learned how to use an iron safely to iron their piece of fabric. Following this, the children improved their sewing skills by using embroidery thread to create beautiful designs and patterns on their piece of work. We then mounted them onto card to give either as an Easter present or (belated!) Mother's Day gift.


In RE we made shelters and as part of our competition they had to withstand all elements of weather! Mrs Smith used a hair-dryer to represent wind. The results were impressive!

Chrisitanity - Journey of life and death.


The children freeze framed parts of the story The Road to Emmaus.  They had to freeze at key parts of the story, such as 1) Two people are walking to Emmaus 2) A stranger joins them 3) The stranger asks what is wrong 4) The two listen as the stranger explains 5) Please stay with us 6) It was Jesus blessing bread 7) He's alive.


The Bible: Luke 24 v.13-35)  The children finished this theme with a greater understanding about the word 'Death', and how it links into everyday life.  They also understand how Christians can see the 'joy' in times of darkness.<< New text box >>

Independent Learning

As part of their home learning, class three are encouraged to learn independently and bring in their work. As you can see we have a variety of interests ranging from Lego to sporting achievements. We have also been spoiled with some tasty treats!


Mrs Reeve - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Reeve is the Deputy Headteacher and Class Three Teacher at Charsfield CEVCP School where she teaches Year 5 and Year 6. Prior to working at Charsfield, Mrs Reeve taught in a Middle School and has therefore got a great understanding of where to take children's learning even beyond the expected levels of a Year 6 child. Mrs Reeve is also a talented mathematician and leads the subject across Charsfield and Dennington Schools. 

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