Charsfield and Dennington School Partnership
Charsfield and Dennington School Partnership

Learning together, helping each other.

Charsfield CEVCP School
Dennington CEVCP School
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The teacher is Miss Bulley  The teaching assistatnt is Mrs A Jones 


Class 1 Timetable Spring 2018.doc
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Spring Curriculum Letter 2018 - Dinosaur[...]
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KS1 long term plan (1).docx
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Our topic this term is Dinosaurs


Our Curriculum letters show what we will be covering in each subject area. 


We will post letters and samples of children's work later in the term.



Being kind ,perservernce and Helping others.

Robins children have loved having the skipping ropes out at playtimes. The children have taught themselves how to skip. This has led to other children wanting to learn and being helped by others who have taught themselves.

A little Bird Told me!

Ivan the elf

Ivan our cheeky little elf has been causing all sorts of problems. From toileting issues to writing on tables to wrapping teachers up and elfing them.

Norwich Castle

The children had a great day at castle. The children learnt all about life in a castle and things they might see and use in there.  The children were all really engaged and love feeling and trying things on. Thank you to all the adult helpers that came with us.

Dennington Wolf News

The children have a very exciting story to tell that a wolf came into our classroom and knocked down our stick and straw houses down. The children were so inspired they wrote a newspaper report to tell all about it.

Gingerbread Mystery

What an exciting Friday we had when we had a police incident in school. Involving a half eaten gingerbread Man and some interesing looking footprints who ate the gingerbread man!!


In Robins the children love cooking. As part of our literacy work we decided to make a two course meal and write captions to got with the photos. The children learned how to measure and chop ingrediants carefully. The best part was getting to taste our food we had cooked they said it was the best spaghetti bolognaise ever!

Tour of Britain

The children had a great time watching the tour of Britain come through Dennington on Friday afternoon. We were especially excited about ITV Anglia coming to film us. The children were incredibly well behaved and loved watching the police and the cyclists come through.

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