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The teacher is Miss Bulley  The teaching assistatnt is Mrs A Jones 


Class 1 Timetable Summer 2017.doc
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Our topic this term is Pirates and Seaside


Our Curriculum letters show what we will be covering in each subject area. 


We will post letters and samples of children's work later in the term.


Reading Cafes

These will now take place every Thursday in Robins Class from 9.00 to 9.30. Come and join us for some phonics games, guided reading and shared reading with your child. There will be refreshments afterwards in the library. The children have told us how much they love having you in class, so please come along!

Coastguard Visit

Today we had a great visit from the coastguards at shingle street. The children got to learn all about being safe at the seaside. The children had great fun at dressing up and going inside the coastguard truck!

pirate day

The children had a great day being pirates it was such fun! We made biscuits, maps and wanted posters. The children even had a treasure hunt and a pirates picnic. ARRGGH

Pirates love underpants invaision

What an exciting morning we have had in Robins after reading the story pirates love underpants the Pirates invaded our classroom. They came in to our classroom and stole the chest of magic shells. The children currently our writng a news paper article about our invasion.

didgaridoo Workshop

The children had great fun at the digaridoo workshop all learning about how to play it. Along with learning about facts of Australia.

Visiting the Lambs

The children had a great time visiting the lambs at Framlingham Hall the children learnt about where there food comes from and how the lambs are looked after when they are orphaned.

Design Technology

The children have enjoyed their DT project based on their Austrailan topic. The children followed a recipie on how to make a lamington cake they designed it made it and decorated it.


The children had a great time using the equipment they learnt how to climb balance and use their upper body strength.

Sending our letters to santa

Children had great fun writing their christmas letters to Santa. We even went to the post box to send them!

A frosty Morning

The children have been fasinated by the frosty weather and this had prompted us to do some imaginairy story writing using the frosty weather as our setting. The children went outside and and used adjectives to descibe the ice. They came up with adjectives such as sparkly,frosty, crumbly and used these well to create a picture.

Superhero Mystery

As part of the childrens topic of superhero's.The children have been working around the book Supertato.

Today their was an invasion in our class the evil pea had come in and trashed our classroom. The children we so shocked and excited. The children searched around our classroom and made lists of what had happend and what had gone missing. 


Map Skills

In Geography the children have been learning about orienteering how to read a map and make a key. over the next few weeks the children will learn how to use a compass and follow directions.

This week the children used a map to follow an obstacle course.

Steel Band

The children went to Charsfield to watch and learn how to play the steal drums. The children enjoyed dancing to the music and singing along to Nursery rhymes.

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