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Use this page to stay up to date with what Class Three have and will be up to. You can also click on the links below to download useful documents for this Class.

Swallows Timetable Autumn 2017.docx
Microsoft Word document [530.1 KB]

 Swallows  class have been enjoying a varied and interesting curriculum, with activities ranging from our French Christmas cafe, to violins, to designing and making lunar buggies! We are really proud of the recent wins in the inter-school competitions in Tag Rugby (Bronze) and the Netball (Gold). Snuffles, the Gloucestershire Old Spot pig we made for the Suffolk Show, took a lot of hard work! Sonny won the Suffolk Tractor of the Future competition and was interviewed on BBC radio Suffolk. The Aldeburg art competition winners' art work was beautiful. 


Mrs Rushbrook- Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Rushbrook teaches Year 5 and 6 in Class Three. She has a passion for Literacy and leads the subject across the Partnership. Mrs Rushbrook is Deputy Headteacher at Dennington School, and with her strength in pastroal care, she leads by example, making every member of staff and child feel equal and able to achieve.

Mrs Merry- Teacher


Mrs Merry shares teaching in Class 3. She is an excellent musician and brings a huge amount of creativity and artistic skill to her lessons. 

Mrs Beecroft- Cover Supervisor/TA


Mrs Beecroft supports Mrs Rushbrook and Mrs Merry when they are teaching in Class 3 and works alongside the children to help them reach their potential. She has a keen interest in Art and uses her talents to offer the children new experiences to learn new skills. Mrs Beecroft is also into Sports and organises many of the competitions Dennington School take part in. She also helps to manage and deliver Physical Education in the school.

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