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Computing and Information, Communication Technology (ICT)

At Charsfield and Dennington CEVCP Schools our Computing and ICT curriculum aims to prepare children for the advantages and challenges they will face in the ever-changing digital world, offer opportunities to learn in less traditional ways and teach children fundamental technical and thinking skills that can be built upon for a prosperous future.


Our curriculum has been developed to offer a wide range of mediums and is focused upon teaching children how to make technology work for them rather than learning how to use technology. Just as technology is always changing, so too are the tools and the content we teach from so that learners are kept as up to date as possible.


E-Safety is at the heart of all our ICT use which ensures that children have an understanding of the risks that the digital environment poses and how to correctly manage them. With this at its heart, ICT at Charsfield and Dennington CEVCP Schools is interwoven across all other curriculum areas, reflecting our modern lives outside of education.


Following our Safer Internet Days work in the schools, parents may find the following wesbites helpful in dicussing safe internet use with their children.


Educational Pack for Parents and Carers


Essential Advice for Parents and Carers

Software Links

At Charsfield and Dennington CEVCP Schools we use a wide range of tolls to enable learning. If you're interested in persuing an interest in the subject you could check out the links below to download some of the free software below... Be sure to ask an adult first!


Charsfield and Dennington CEVCP Schools accept no responsibility for the content of the following pieces of software or issues that may resolve from their installation.


SCRATCH - download the 'offline editor'. You can also look at the support materials to help your learning progress.


KODU - Download the installer file then you will be prompted to install the 'xnafx' version. This is needed for Kodu to run and is a certified Microsoft software.

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