Charsfield and Dennington School
Charsfield and Dennington School 
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Personal, Social and Health Education

This is regarded as an essential aspect of each child’s education and is often involved in all areas of the curriculum and, therefore, school life itself.

Children need to continue to develop an understanding of how their bodies work.  This important area of learning often arises naturally in science, studying the environment and in the area of physical education.  A variety of approaches are used ... informal classroom discussions, use of television programmes, film and planned programmes.

Through Personal and Health Education we seek to develop each child’s sense of responsibility for themselves and an awareness and consideration of others.

In autumn 2007 our school achieved the ‘Healthy Schools Award’ Status which is reviewed every 3 years. In 2009 we were invited to join a pilot programme for ‘Enhanced Healthy Schools’ where we shall look at common health issues for Suffolk.

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